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 exposureworks courses and workshops

All workshops will be tailored to your needs

Video courses

Video for beginners

Ideal for both those who are making the transition from still photography and people with no videography experience whatsoever.

Have you always wondered about the video capabilities of your camera but been too intimidated by them? Whether video is just a passion or your future profession, this multi-level workshop is the right place to start.

Video for business

Businesses of all sizes increasingly need video. You might need it for creating original content or to advertise on social media. Outsourcing video production is great but might be too expensive or even slow you down.

Whether you want to stay ahead of the competition or invest in a new skill that allows you to cut your costs in the medium term, this is the course for you.

1-to-1 mentoring

Ongoing, regular sessions that enable me and you to work together towards your goal. We focus on your specific area of interest: from lighting your yoga studio for online classes to shooting interviews, corporate events or weddings.

Bespoke assignments and constant discussions allow me to become deeply involved in your growth. This is the kind of learning that allows in-depth understanding and mastery of your skills. 

it’s not about the brand of your camera, it’s about you

Photography courses

General photography courses

Beginners Photography course

Your camera manual makes no sense. You’re fed up looking at Youtube videos. And, most importantly, you have grown frustrated with taking photos on the fully automatic mode. You’d like to control your camera (instead of the other way around).

Together we’ll make sense of the bits and pieces you already know. I will give you a solid framework that will enable you to concentrate on your photography and enjoying the creativity it offers instead of fighting with your camera.

Advanced photography course

You’re comfortable with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. But now you need to know how to take pictures in difficult lighting scenarios. Low-light, nighttime or extreme contrast outdoors, shooting against the sky. Metering modes, the medium grey and overexposure give you sleepless nights.

You know how to select the AF points of your camera. But now you need more: shoot fast-moving subjects (pets, children and even cars). Work creatively with motion blur. Truly control your depth-of-field and master your lenses.

This is the course for you.

Thematic photography courses

Kids photography for parents

If you told me that the only point in photography is to take pictures of your children I couldn’t really disagree with you. Preserving fleeting moments that only you get to see is the greatest privilege you can have.

There are two key challenges. First, as soon as they start to crawl, they always seem to move just a bit too fast. And once they get into their teens they might slow down for your sake but the question becomes how to make photography fun for your children, too.

This workshop is tuned to the needs of parents. We will work on strategies that allow you take pictures faster, as well as improving your hit rate of producing sharp images.

Urban landscapes

One phrase I keep hearing at my workshops is “I wish I had taken this course before I left for Peru, China and Iceland!” Let’s prepare together for your next holiday abroad in the heart of London.

Let’s improve your technical and composition skills, your eye for light, shapes and volume while you’re still at home!

If you don’t feel confident enough with your camera and lenses, let’s fine-tune the way you shoot or practise new, creative techniques in our amazingly diverse and exciting city now. If you suffer from the ‘photographer’s block’ and can’t seem to know what to take a picture of, we can work together on your senses and sensitivities.

Practical solutions by a long-term power user

Software courses

Adobe Lightroom course

Adobe Lightroom course

You’ve taken hundreds, thousands of shots on your last trip. You have them scattered all over your computer(s) and hard drives.

You’re frustrated by not being able to find the image you’re looking for. Or not being able to edit them in an intuitive and time-efficient way.

My Adobe Lightroom course is the solution. Let’s make sure that your photography is safely stored and backed up and that editing becomes a creative process instead of an endless technical chore.

Adobe Lightroom Help

Remote assistance and first aid

Believe me, I’ve been there. Your computer becomes the Terminator, a heartless machine with the sole purpose of getting you!

Images go missing from Lightroom! You need a new external drive but worried about what will happen to your files. After years of using Photos (Mac nightmare) you want to switch to Lightroom but can’t find your images.

First, let me help you put out the fire and put your mind at ease. And then let’s figure out a sustainable, long-term workflow for you.

Video editing course

Video is taking over every platform today. Most beginning videographers want to concentrate on shooting (it is indeed lots of fun) and gladly forget about managing their data, editing, authoring the final video and then storing and archiving it.

I’m here to remind you and aid you.

I can help you understand the logic behind the editing process which is independent of what software you use. I am familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and for those producing more fast turn-around, social media content with Screenflow and Camtasia.

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