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My course is specifically designed for all you moms and dads (or grandmas and granddads) with cute but impatient and fast moving children of all ages (or grandchildren). If you want to learn how to take sharp pictures in available light without frustrating the kids with your photography, then this is the right course for you.

We've all been there

Precious moments that disappear because your camera wouldn’t take the picture. The shot that could have been sooo nice – but it’s blurry! Trying to get them stand still and failing because it’s simply not in their nature to be still.

Photography is great fun. Don't let your camera spoil it for you!

Do not let your camera’s buttons and functions intimidate you. Let me show you how you can turn your basic DSLR into a great tool for capturing moments that will make you smile even in ten years’ time.

What will I learn?

Basic principles

We will start (unless you’re already familiar with them) with the relevant principles of manual photography with an emphasis on mastering shutter speeds and apertures. You will be able to expose your shots correctly while getting the creative look that you want.

Understanding your camera's functions and buttons

I will help you turn your DSLR or mirrorless camera from and adversary into a friend: we’ll talk about its functions and buttons so that you’d be able get your camera do what you want.

Manual or priority modes - it's all yours

Let me free you from the unpredictability of the fully automatic mode that so severely limits your creativity. But do not panic: I will also teach you how to use semi-automatic modes to get your shots done when you are in a rush.

Get to know your lense

What you often don’t realise (because noone has explained it to you) that photography is all about your lens. Get a better understanding of the lens you already own and let me guide you towards the next one that you might want to buy. 

Workshop outline

Depending on your schedule the course can last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. Based on my experience we will need about 2 and a half hours for the first half. After that we can take a short break. We will carry on with the practical, second half for as long as you see fit.

During the first half of the workshop we’ll sit down to cover the theory and get to know your camera. We will:

  • take control of your autofocus which is perhaps the most critical tool to get your shots right
  • discuss the use various shutter speeds that allow you to control how movement appears on your photos
  • talk about using the aperture to achieve those lovely portraits where your child is sharp but the background is blurred

During the second, practical part of the workshop:

  • we will put all the theory into practice
  • depending on your and your child’s preference we will have a little photographic adventure in your home, back yard or in a nearby park
  • ideally, we’ll be taking pictures both outside and indoors

Frequently asked questions

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Good to know

Free camera hire

Don’t have a camera? Planning on buying one and looking for advice?

No worries. You are very welcome to use my gear during the workshops. All my cameras and a great selection of lenses are available to all my students to try out.

About the tutor

Gyorgy Laszlo poirtrait

György László


György (a.k.a Gyuri and pronounced [dew-rie]) trained as a cinematographer and has been in the industry for over 15 years. He shoots independent features, shorts, documentaries.




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