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The bane of digital photography is the sheer volume of images we produce.

Looking at them, sifting through, organising and finding them and working with the few that are worth working with has become a big challenge.

Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic tool to help you with that. It will enable you to organise your images with greater speed than you have ever hoped for.

Together we will come up with a streamlined method of managing your pictures and your backlog irrespective of where those images are at the moment.

Lightroom is also an intuitive tool that allows you to turn image editing into a fast-paced, satisfying process. Enjoy discovering your photos!

What will I learn?

The library module

  • Import your images from a memory card or any internal or external hard drive
  • Stop looking at your photos on your camera or your phone. Start looking at them inside Lightroom. Learn to select the ones that have potential and delete the ones you don’t want to keep
  • Add keywords to your photos. This is the only way you will be able to locate them years from now and organise them into albums in any way you like
  • Start using Lightroom’s flagging and colour attributes to mark images
  • Manage your photos across any number of external drives

The develop module

  • Edit single images to your liking
  • Learn to use the histogram for basic corrections of exposure
  • See the difference between editing a RAW and JPEG file
  • Understand and practise the logic of the Lightroom way of editing: start with simple adjustments and proceed to less frequently used, fine-tuning editing
  • Copy editing settings across images and create virtual copies to experiment with
  • Create or use presets for frequently used operations

Working with collections

  • Use your keywords and all available metadata to organise your photography into neat collections based on any combination of people, events or locations
  • Use collections for creating slideshows (a lovely to trick to get your audience to watch your photos) and books to be physically printed

Exporting and printing your images

  • Learn how to export your images for various uses: publishing them on social media, emailing them to friends or getting them printed at home or in a photo lab

Backup and Archival

  • I can’t encourage you enough to spend time with me and establish a workflow for regularly backing up and archiving your photography

Workshop outline

This workshop is ideally suited for the online format. I can demonstrate everything on your computer via Zoom and we can collaborate even more efficiently than by sitting at the same desk and fighting over the ideal screen viewing angle.

The typical course consists of three segments that can completed in one session or distributed over several ones.

First, I’ll introduce you to how Lightroom works, the program interface and we learn how to work in the Library.

Second, we’ll get into the Develop module and editing.

Third, creative practise and applying everything we’ve learned to your images. We’ll analyse and review any image that you’d like to work on and discuss in-depth what creative choices it offers.

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About the tutor

Gyorgy Laszlo poirtrait

György László


György (a.k.a Gyuri and pronounced [dew-rie]) trained as a cinematographer and has been in the industry for over 15 years. He shoots independent features, shorts, documentaries.


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