About ExposureWorks

Hi there! I'm György, cinematographer, Photographer and teacher. exposureworks is my passion project.

How to pronounce my name?

György means ‘George’ where I come from. (Guess where?)

Its shortened form is ‘Gyuri’, pronounced as [dew-rie]. That’s all there is to it.

What is exposureworks?

ExposureWorks offers bespoke 1-to-1 and small group (maximum of 3 people) video production, photography and image editing courses and workshops.

Because my native name seems too exotic for many to pronounce (don’t be scared, it’s a really simple name in Hungarian), ExposureWorks is how you can find me as a teacher, DOP and portrait, family and event photographer.

My experience

I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I started taking pictures when I was 10. My father encouraged me to get into photography professionally. Needless to say, I did the exact opposite.

Today, decades later, I find myself a passionate street photographer who never leaves home without a camera.

Although I am a graduate of Cinematography Department of Famu (one of the best schools for cinematographers in Europe), that happened only after I got an M.A. American Studies and studied cognitive linguistics in Budapest a bit at Berkeley, California.

It seems that my academic background hasn’t fully left me as I still run a curious little interview blog, Lightbites featuring interviews with a diverse range of photographers.

And when my students ask me repeatedly about certain topics, I can’t help but write a blog of easy-to-read study guides and semi-scientific explanations.

I’ve been living in London since 2012, recently as a brexit-induced dual EU and UK citizen.

Short CV


Director of Photography and Camera Operator
Working on short- and long-form scripted films, documentaries, music videos and branded content. For a full filmography visit György’s cinematography web site.


Videography and Photography Tutor
Before launching ExposureWorks, György has conducted hundreds of day and weekend courses and has taught close to 5000 people at a premiere London photography teaching company and other institutions.


Business partner of Really Bright Media and A-CAM
György becomes a partner in this boutique London video production and camera hire company.

Gyorgy Laszlo London videography workshop
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