NEW: Adobe Lightroom Remote Assistance

I get many emails about importing images, finding apparently lost files, moving images from an internal hard drive to an external one, organising folders, making sure that you are backing up your files correctly. Often my clients need a big digital makeover and reorganise or consolidate their photography that is scattered over several drives. Sometimes it’s making the jump from using iPhoto or Photos (on a Mac). Name the problem and chances are I can solve it for you.

The solution sometimes requires us meeting in person. If there is some teaching is involved, I always prefer that.

There are, however, issues where meeting in person is simply not cost-effective for you. You would need to pay for my expenses and several long hours spent on site, often just waiting for files to be copied.

Typical Lightroom issues that can be fixed remotely:

  • installing or updating software
  • organising or consolidating photos on one or several hard drives
  • moving images from one drive to another
  • organising backups
    working inside the Library module of Lightroom
  • migrating photos from iPhoto / Photos to Lightroom
  • finding lost photos, reconnecting missing files

The obvious solution:
Let’s do it remotely using this magical thing called the Internet

What software will I need?

  • Zoom offers a fantastic and free solution to share our screens and provides encrypted remote access to your computer
  • Carbon Copy Cloner (or other backup software) for setting up backups. CCC is Mac-only has a 30-day trial period.

How do I book?

  • just call or drop me an email
  • all we need to do is find a time slot when we are both available

What is the cost?

  • £35/hour
  • minimum 1 hour
  • after the first hour there is a grace period of 15 minutes before the new hour is billed

Get in touch and let’s discuss what it is exactly that you’d like to achieve.
I’ll come up with a strategy!

What to do next?

Install Zoom (cross-platform software that allows screen sharing and remote access). Don’t worry: I can only take control of your computer when and if you authorise it. It is an application that will allow me to see your screen and work on your computer as if I was sitting next to you.

This method is really time-efficient. It often happens that files will need to be copied for hours, sometimes overnight. We’ll start the necessary work together, get it started and then I log off. The next day we again reconvene and continue with the job. However, you only pay for the time that we actually spend working together.

Before the session please install Zoom and sign up for a free account.

If you need help installing Zoom, watch the video below

György László


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