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DSLR and mirrorless video courses and post-production workshops from a professional cinematographer and art educator

Do you run a business and want to invest in your video skills to save costs? Tired of outsourcing video production? Are you under pressure to bring better content to your social media? Getting ready to shoot an indie documentary?

I will take your shooting skills to the next level and can provide ongoing mentorship.

Are you a complete beginner who simply loves films? Are you in real estate, journalism, travel vlogging, indie filmmaking? Perhaps you work in education or for an NGO? I know that you are definitely under increasing pressure to produce professional-grade video.

I will help you master your DSLR or mirrorless camera system.

All workshops will be tailored to your needs

Featured video courses

Video for beginners

Ideal for both those who are making the transition from still photography and people with no videography experience whatsoever.

Have you always wondered about the video capabilities of your camera but been too intimidated by them? Whether video is just a passion or your future profession, this multi-level workshop is the right place to start.

Video for business

Businesses of all sizes increasingly need video. You might need it for creating original content or to advertise on social media. Outsourcing video production is great but might be too expensive or even slow you down.

Whether you want to stay ahead of the competition or invest in a new skill that allows you to cut your costs in the medium term, this is the course for you.

1-to-1 mentoring

Ongoing, regular sessions that enable me and you to work together towards your goal. We focus on your specific area of interest: from lighting your yoga studio for online classes to shooting interviews, corporate events or weddings.

Bespoke assignments and constant discussions allow me to become deeply involved in your growth. This is the kind of learning that allows in-depth understanding and mastery of your skills. 

Ongoing mentoring

Online & one-to-one

I have always found 1-to-1 courses inspiring. It’s rare to have the opportunity to truly focus on another photographer’s development.

My online sessions were prompted by the Covid crisis and the resulting lockdowns. But I discovered that these 1-to-1 sessions have a number of ‘peacetime’ advantages.

Instead of wasting time and money commuting we can spend our energies on studying. Scheduling classes is extremely flexible. And meeting in smaller chunks is better for learning than a full-day intensive session.

I’m nothing like a Youtube channel. Meeting online is a personal and interactive experience which allows you improve your skills when we can’t meet in person.

How do I teach?


ExposureWorks workshops are a bespoke, exclusive service. The lesson plans are a result of me consulting you about your goals and needs before we start.

My workshops are great for anyone who prefers to learn at an individual pace – be it faster or slower than average. They are made for people who might feel shy asking questions in front of a group. For people who want individualised attention for its own sake or because they have a learning difficulty or SEN.

My approach is flexible, passionate and, shocking as it is, I am actually interested in the kind of filmmaking tasks and questions that you seek an answer to.

Need help buying gear?

Equipment advice

It might sound strange, but not owning your own gear (yet) is a great place to be! I don’t believe in telling people what they should buy. I want you to be able to make an informed decision and understand the choices that you make.

Even if you have your own kit, I’m very happy to offer my expertise and experience in finding a camera body (DSLR or mirrorless), lenses, tripods, gimbals, lights that will suit your needs…

…and fit into your budget.

Don’t have your own?

Free camera hire

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own camera. Should you need equipment I am more than happy to bring my own professional gear to all of our sessions and let you try out everything that I work with: camera body, lenses, filters.

I am brand-agnostic, but if you must know, I’m currently shooting mostly on Fujifilm or if it’s a larger project, on an Arri Alexa Mini.

(I can’t bring the Mini to our workshops but I can take you to the Mini if you’d like it for a workshop!)

Hi there

About the tutor


György (a.k.a Gyuri and pronounced [dew-rie]) trained as a cinematographer and has been in the industry for over 15 years. He shoots independent features, shorts, documentaries.

As a photographer he practices street photography and portraiture and if you want to sidetrack him, just raise the issue of the correlation between lens choice, subject distance and ethics.

ExposureWorks started out as a lovechild and a teaching aid in 2012. Over the years it has grown into a platform that allows him to meet and teach students from all walks of life. Teaching both at private companies and being a guest lecturer at Royal Holloway, he has taught over 800 day courses and close to 5000 people to date.

Gyorgy Laszlo poirtrait

What People say

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