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Learn before you leave

One phrase I hear over and over again on my workshops is “I wish I had taken this course before I left for Peru, China, Brazil and Iceland!” Come on, let’s improve or fine-tune your skills while you’re still at home.

'I don't feel very confident with my camera'

Let’s practise right here and right now! London has beautiful, exciting architecture that is a photographic feast in itself but also allows you to perfect both your technical and creative skills. If you’re need more grounding using the basic features of your camera, we’ll do that. If you want to learn more advanced techniques, we can do that, too.

'I love photography, I just often don't know what to take a picture of'

In case you’re already technically confident (although I can always try and challenge you), let’s spend some time practising framing and composition. A photographer can never be bored, it’s just about learning to see light, shapes, contrast, colours, lines.

What will we do?

3 hours of activity

The Urban Landscapes workshop is for people who love being active, walk around and take pictures. We will be taking short breaks to discuss the task at hand, but otherwise it’s all about walking the walk!

Functions, Buttons, Dials

Even though it’s a photo walk, we can always stop and refresh your knowledge about any technical aspects of photography. Apertures, shutter speeds, ISO, auto-focus, depth-of-field, highlight alert, histogram – here we come!

Shoot and discuss

One of the best features of the workshop is the immediate feedback you will get. You will work independently for a few minutes but then we’ll take a look at your photos and talk about ways of improving them. Provided, of course, that they need improvement at all!
ExposureWorks Urban Landscape Canary Wharf photo walk

Bring along your friends!

Most ExposureWorks workshops are 1-to-1 courses. But if you prefer to be taking pictures in the company of your family or friends, this is an ideal opportunity to bring them along and practise with them. Bring them and everyone receives a 25% discount from the price of the workshop!
ExposureWorks Urban Landscape Canary Wharf photo walk

A bit more about the course

See london like you’ve never seen it before.

You’ve said it to me on our photography courses often: ‘I love travel photography!’ Well, what are we waiting for then? Join me for a trip to a fantastic urban landscape right on the Jubilee Line (and the DLR, as well) – Canary Wharf, here we come!

Day or night, weekday or weekend the financial centre of London is an amazing landscape full of reflections, perspective, patterns, depth and abstraction. It is a wonderful place to practise many kinds of photography: landscapes, urban environments, slow shutter speeds, black-and-white and candid street photography.


It’s not about your camera. It’s all about you.

Whatever your focus is, there is plenty to challenge you and even more to learn at this wondrous location. And what’s even better for this 3-hour course is that it doesn’t matter what equipment you bring. DSLR, mirrorless or even your smartphone or your tablet!

Come and let me challenge you and your eye for composition! On the day – depending on the weather – I will present you with a choice of several Creative Challenges, like ‘Finding Patterns’, ‘Frames within Frames’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Air, Water and Earth’ and many others.

Like everything I do, it’s a bit zen… concentrate and relax into photography

At the beginning, we will discuss the Challenge and then you can set out to and enjoy a few hours of guided, but most importantly, relaxed and fun photography practice. At the end of the course, we’ll all gather and enjoy and impromptu slideshow of your images and discuss any technical and creative issues that you have faced so that you’ll return home not only with some great photos but also with increased confidence.


Optional high dynamic range module.

As an optional module, you can also sign up for an extra 90 minutes when I will introduce you to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and we’ll take and process some photos together. HDR is a simple, yet powerful technique that allows you capture images that can go beyond what we think of as ‘natural’. It is a post-production technique where taking the images is really only half the fun.

  • 3-hour walk
  • standard workshop
*25% discount for 2 or more participants!
  • 4 and a half hours
  • with HDR module
*25% discount for 2 or more participants



The Urban Landscapes course can be organised to fit your schedule. Morning, afternoon or evening, weekdays or weekends. Should you so prefer, we can also meet at other great locations in London, like the Barbican or the Southbank.

Please feel free to get in touch any time to discuss availability and pricing.

Bring along a friend or two and you will all receive a 25% discount!

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The Not So Small Print


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As a boutique service, the day and time of the booking is up to the individual agreement between ExposureWorks and the client. There is no extra charge for weekend or evening courses.

How to book a course?
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Cancellations, Refunds
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