Wide angle lenses for cropped sensor (Nikon DX, Canon EF-S) DSLRs

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Which wide angle lens should I get?Well, probably not this beautiful Nikon 6mm fisheye lens. Apart from being quite bulky, it's astronomically expensive. But first things first: What are wide

The ‘Safari’ Lens – An Introduction to Telephoto Lenses

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Help! I'm going on a safari next week! Which telephoto lens should I get? The ExposureWorks Introduction to Telephoto Lenses What is a telephoto lens? Obviously, it's that big lens.

Nikon lenses

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A Concise Introduction to Nikon Lenses DX cameras If your camera has a so-called DX size sensor ('small' or 'cropped' in lay terms), i.e. if it belongs to the entry-level D3xxx,