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Studio Portraiture

I take pictures because I forget. I forget but not if I have taken a picture of it. And so, I have to take pictures.

It’s nice to be useful, to be able to give others something: a bit of joy, a bit of truth a bit of an emotion. Photography is my way of being able to give that to you.

We can meet in many places. Against a dark background where it’s an abstract light source tickling your face or under the sky. It might be a personal portrait series or you might need images for your professional portfolio. You could be on your own or with your family and friends.

Only one thing is certain: you and I will work together and the images from our meeting will allow you to remember our time together.

Clara (14 images)

Fran (11 images)

Victor (8 images)

Ajemina (6 images)

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