Do not wait until they leave for uni!

We've all been there

Precious moments that disappear because your camera wouldn’t take the picture. The shot that could have been sooo nice – but it’s blurry! Trying to get them stand still and failing because it’s simply not in their nature to be still.

Start taking great pictures today

This 4-hour child photography course (with an optional 2-hour extension in case you’d like a full day of training with even more practise) is specifically tuned to the needs of parents with children of all ages: newborns, toddlers or teenagers.

Photography is great fun. Don't let your camera spoil it for you!

Do not let your camera’s buttons and functions intimidate you. Let me show you how you can turn your basic DSLR into a great tool for capturing moments that will make you smile even in ten years’ time.

Is this course for me?

My course is specifically designed for all you moms and dads (or grandmas and granddads) with cute but impatient and fast moving children (or grandchildren) who want to learn how to take sharp pictures in available light without frustrating the kids with your photography!

The wait is over. Do it today!

Put away that smartphone that gives you okay images but with very little creative control. Do it now! And grab that nice DSLR or mirrorless camera that you got for your birthday and learn how to use it. Take higher quality images that capture the fascinating times that you spend with your child every day of their lives.

What will you learn?

Basic Principles

You will understand the basic principles of manual photography with an emphasis on mastering shutter speeds and apertures. You will be able to expose your shots correctly while getting the creative look that you want.

Understanding your camera's functions and buttons

I will help you turn your DSLR or mirrorless camera from and adversary into a friend: we’ll talk about its functions and buttons so that you’d be able get your camera do what you want.

Manual or Priority modes - it's all yours

Let me free you from the unpredictability of the fully automatic settings that so severely limit your creativity. But do not panic: I will also teach you how to use semi-automatic modes to get your shots done when you are in a rush.
Suitable for complete beginners, 99
Hands-on experience, 70
Theory, 30

Get to know your lens

What you often don’t realise (because noone has explained it to you) that photography is all about your lens. Get a better understanding of the lens you already own and let me guide you towards the next one that you might want to buy.
Suitable for DSLRs, 100
Suitable for Mirrorless systems, 100
Smartphones, 1

More Details

During the practical part of the course we will learn how to:

  • take control of your autofocus which is perhaps the most critical tool to get your shots right
  • use various shutter speeds that allow you to control how movement appears on your photos
  • take pictures outside and indoors
  • use the aperture to achieve those lovely portraits where your child is sharp but the background is blurred
  • Half-day
  • 4-hour course
  • Full-day
  • 6-hour course

The Not So Small Print


ExposureWorks offers exclusive, 1-to-1 tutoring primarily in Central and SE London. Courses can be, however, arranged anywhere in the Greater London area. We will travel to you or meet you at an agreed location. Depending on your chosen location there might be an additional fee for travel expenses. This will always be discussed with you prior to finalising the booking.

As a boutique service, the day and time of the booking is up to the individual agreement between ExposureWorks and the client. There is no extra charge for weekend or evening courses.

How to book a course?
Please get in touch via the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. When writing, please indicate the course you are interested in and approximately how many hours of tuition you’d like to book.


Once the booking in finalised, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. The agreed price is to be transferred via Bank Transfer at the time of the booking upon receipt of our invoice or least 14 days before the course – whichever comes first.

Cancellations, Refunds
Courses can be cancelled and a full refund will be given up to 14 days before the agreed date of the course. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the course date, no refund is given.

ExposureWorks practises a policy of “Extreme Good Will” and will work with you even in such cases to find a replacement date. If such a date is found less than 14 days but more than 7 days before the original date, you will only need to pay a 25% rescheduling fee. In all other cases, there will be no refunds and you will need to pay the full price of any rescheduled course. Our “Extreme Good Will” policy applies only to a single rescheduling per client.

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