Wide angle lenses for cropped sensor (Nikon DX, Canon EF-S) DSLRs

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Which wide angle lens should I get?Well, probably not this beautiful Nikon 6mm fisheye lens. Apart from being quite bulky, it's astronomically expensive. But first things first: What are wide

Metering Light 104 – Testing your camera

Metering Light 104 - Testing your camera TEST YOUR CAMERA TO GET TO KNOW IT'S LIMITS! As we've discussed in the previous posts, every camera will have a different dynamic

ND filters (part 2)

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ND Filters (Part 2)In the first part of this article I discussed the use of Neutral Density filters as a tool that enables photographers to create images with long shutters

ND filters (part 1)

ND Filters (Part 1)Neutral Density (ND) filters absorb light evenly throughout the entire visible spectrum. In other words, they appear grey (sometimes almost black) to our eyes. When do we

Filters: The Polarizer

Filters: The Polarizer The polarizer is one of most universally useful filters. We could go into the science of how it works, but we won't. (If you're interested read up


Depth-of-field Depth-of-field (DOF) depends on several variables, primarily on aperture and on your distance from your subject (physically and/or optically). Aperture Your lens is your camera's eye, the aperture is

Exposure Compensation and Nighttime Photography

Exposure Compensation and Nighttime Photography Regardless of what the scene in front of your camera is, its light meter assumes (as it must) that the average brightness of the scene

ISO and Noise

ISO and Noise ISO (often called 'sensitivity') is very different from every other variable in photography. The best way to think about it is that it is merely a technical