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György László



ExposureWorks offers 1-to-1 and bespoke small group (maximum of 3 people) photography, video and image editing courses and workshops.

And because my native name is too exotic for many to pronounce (don’t be scared, it’s really a simple name in Hungarian), ExposureWorks is how you can find me as a portrait, family and event photographer.


Simply get in touch on the Contact page. I’ll work around your schedule to find you the best time for a class.


ExposureWorks is a boutique teaching and photography service. It’s for people who appreciate learning from and working with an enthusiastic, passionate and communicative photographer in an environment where only they matter. Think high-end, local bric-a-brac shop versus a high street, faceless chain store.


ExposureWorks is based in South East London but if you’re not a local, I will gladly travel to your part of the world or we can meet somewhere in the middle. ExposureWorks classes can be held in the comfort of your home or close to your office. The same applies to photography sessions.

Let me do the travelling for you.


Hi, my name is György. Or just call me Gyuri [‘dew-ry’].

Just call me!


I trained in 35mm and 16mm filmmaking at Famu in Prague (if you know European film schools here’s where you go Wow!), specialising in drama and documentaries. Although I am still nostalgic about film, I have moved on and have been shooting on high-end digital cameras for years. After all, it’s all about lenses and lights!

Music video shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with L-series Canon lenses and vintage, manual Nikon lenses.
Portrait photography slideshow.


A photographer is a cinematographer doing just one frame at a time. The rest is the same: light, shadows, faces. And most importantly, stories.

I specialize in portraiture and documentary photography. I love observing people and have found that photography is a great way to give something back to the people whose faces I capture.


I am incredibly lucky. I have been taught by great teachers in three countries (my native Hungary, the US and the Czech Republic) who have taught me not only about their subjects but also about teaching. Teaching is my way of saying thank you to them. I love to be able to explain my craft but I love even more when I can ignite the passion for image-making. Whether the images are still or moving, photography is the most accessible art form or our time and more importantly an amazing way to experience life.

Over the past five years I have taught over 650 courses and close to 3000 people. Yes, I am vastly experienced and will be able to help you with your photography and filmmaking.

Music video shot on a Canon 5D Mark III with L-series Canon lenses and vintage, manual Nikon lenses.

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Adrian Lund

I did a Cinematography Course with Gyuri and I really liked it. He’s a very good teacher with professional experience. His heart beats for crative images and videos and you can feel that he want’s to share his love with other people.

Adrian Lund

Angelika Winnett

I needed some lessons urgently to learn how to use a camera to shoot videos and I am so grateful I found him on Google! I didn’t believe that after 2-3 lessons I would be able to film on my own – and here you go, I work as a video journalist now and make my own video reports! Gyuri was amazing, his explanation was very simple and very clear and he tailored the lessons to my needs – he didn’t waste time and energy on teaching stuff which I will never use.

Angelika Winnett

Penelope Burrough

I was given the beginner’s course as a present by my son, knowing so little about photography it could be written on a stamp. I loved every minute of the simple and effective description of how to use the Manual function on my Lumix GH2 camera and how to shoot in low light. Balancing F stop against shutter speed. The course was fun, informative and effective.

Penelope Burrough


Gyuri is one of the best teachers I’ve ever come across but is also a bloody nice guy to go along with it. I have done both a beginners course with him on photography, along with my girlfriend and a friend who all loved it. I have also more recently done a one to one film making course on DSLR movie making which blew my mind.


Rebecca Wright

György has innate creativity that you cannot help but be caught up in as you develop your photography skills.

From the day I feel a spark has been ignited, I have wonderful memories and photos I didn’t think I would be able to take. György also took some amazing pics and has let us have copies to them too. I have an expensive camera but it was useless before my lesson with György. My advice is to spend less on a camera and book a lesson with György to get the most out of your passion for photography.

Rebecca Wright

Hannah Woods

György is passionate, kind, and very knowledgeable. He’s a patient teacher and inspires you to really build your photography skills.The kids loved being part of the session, and he even let them take a couple of shots.

Hannah Woods

Ioannis Boukouvalas

If you want to begin with photography and don’t know where to start, György is your guy! Experience, patience, professionalism & creativity all at once!

Ioannis Boukouvalas