Urban Landscapes

Exotic travel and architecture photography in the heart of London!

See London like you’ve never seen it before

You’ve said it to me on our photography courses often: ‘I love travel photography!’ Well, what are we waiting for then? Join me for a trip to a fantastic urban landscape right on the Jubilee Line (and the DLR, as well) – Canary Wharf, here we come!

Day or night, weekday or weekend the financial centre of London is an amazing landscape full of reflections, perspective, patterns, depth and abstraction. It is a wonderful place to practise many kinds of photography: landscapes, urban environments, slow shutter speeds, black-and-white and candid street photography.

It’s not about your camera. It’s all about you.

Whatever your focus is, there is plenty to challenge you and even more to learn at this wondrous location. And what’s even better for this 3-hour course is that it doesn’t matter what equipment you bring. DSLR, mirrorless or even your smartphone or your tablet!

Come and let me challenge you and your eye for composition! On the day – depending on the weather – I will present you with a choice of several Creative Challenges, like ‘Finding Patterns’, ‘Frames within Frames’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Air, Water and Earth’ and many others.

Like everything I do, it’s a bit zen… Concentrate and relax into photography

At the beginning, we will discuss the Challenge and then you can set out to and enjoy a few hours of guided, but most importantly, relaxed and fun photography practice. You will be on your own, but I will be available for any technical questions that you may have. At the end of the course, we’ll all gather and enjoy and impromptu slideshow of your images and discuss any technical and creative issues that you have faced so that you’ll return home not only with some great photos but also with increased confidence.

Optional High Dynamic Range module

As an optional module, you can also sign up for an extra 90 minutes when I will introduce you to High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and we’ll take and process some photos together. HDR is a simple, yet powerful technique that allows you capture images that can go beyond what we think of as ‘natural’. It is a post-production technique where taking the images is really only half the fun.


  1. Curiosity and playfulness
  2. An understanding of exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO and knowing how you control these on your cameras. You do not have to be a master photographer, but you should be able to use your camera reasonably well and understand basic concepts such as over- and underexposure and exposure compensation. If you are not sure if you are ready talk to us so that we could advise you! If you have been on our beginners or intensive course, you’re definitely set and ready to go!
  3. Bring your favourite lens or lenses. All kinds of zooms and primes are welcome. If you want to, you can choose to use just one single lens and discover what that lens allows you to achieve.
  4. If you want to stay for the HDR section, you will need a lightweight tripod, like e.g. a gorillapod. Do not burden yourselves by dragging heavy tripods around all day, but please bring along something small that will hold your camera still for a few seconds. If you have a laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom version 6 on it, you may want to bring it along, but it’s not a must.
  5. The course takes place outside under all weather conditions. Please dress wisely: stay warm and comfortable. On chilly days do not forget to bring gloves, fingers get cold really fast! On hot days think about bringing a bottle of water. Adventurers need to be prepared all the time!

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1-to-1 courses

The Urban Landscapes course can be organised to fit your schedule.

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If you feel like getting a bit more inspiration from great architectural photographers like Ezra Stoller, Gabriele Basilico, Hufton + Crow, Joel Tjintjelaar, Nikola Olic, Rut Blees Luxemburg and others, have a look at this slideshow.

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