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If you’ve been on my or on Jason’s course you surely remember how we have emphasized the importance of stops – both understanding them as a simple and powerful concept (double or half the exposure or brightness) and also as getting familiar with them as numbers.

london-dop-cinematographer-glaszlo-com-full-stop-nikon-exposure-worksI have spoken to many of you, over the past two years I have met over a 1,300 of you!

The time has come to act and make all your lives (as photographers) simpler and more intuitive. I have launched an online petition asking camera manufacturers (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, etc.) to bring back full stops and to enable on all DSLRs shutter speed and aperture control not only in increments of 1/3 of a stop (the default value) and 1/2 a stop (an option hidden in the menu) but also a full stop.

There are a few, professional cameras that allow you to do this. The more than 10-years old Nikon D200 already had an option for this. There is absolutely no reason why today’s DSLR users shouldn’t have the same choice.

london-dop-cinematographer-glaszlo-com-full-stop-nikon-exposure-worksThis is an incredibly simple idea that could be implemented in the blink of an eye. It would bring back to DSLR users the ease of old-fashioned manual photography.

Follow this link or click on any of the images to sign the petition on

Please share the link to the petition on your social media:

I very much believe that together we can convince camera manufacturers to do this.

Thanks for your help!

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