Kubrick’s Lenses

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the stuff films are made of!

I am under no illusion. I don’t think anyone will watch through this great 12-minute video of cinematographer Joe Dunton showing all the special lenses that Stanley Kubrick used on his movies. Not unless you’re a cinematographer.

But even so, take a brief peep at it. Watch a minute of it and just allow yourself to be swept off your feet by all the numbers, the focal lengths and the T-stops!

Most of the people on my DSLR photography courses arrive with a standard 18-55mm kit zoom lens and through no fault of their own think that that’s it. I always try to open their eyes to the amazing world of lenses.

This video is the perfect eye-opener.

Just see how much care Kubrick put into selecting a lens. How they are all treated with an almost emotional attachment both by him and Joe Dunton as he holds these glass miracles in his hands. How they all have their own personalities that will define what use you can put them to.

See a few marvels and legends of lenses. A 50mm lens with an aperture of f/0.7! Or a simple Nikon 180mm, f/2.8 that you can pick up on eBay any day.

Even if you don’t understand the numbers listen to the almost religious awe with which Dunton speaks.

And no matter whether you’ve watched it all or just a few fragments understand: from a technical point-of-view photography and cinematography is not about the camera, it’s not about megapixels, 2K, 4K, 8K and all these numbers. It’s about your lenses.

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