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ExposureWorks workshops are made with you and for you.

What is ExposureWorks?

ExposureWorks offers 1-to-1 and bespoke small group (maximum of 3 people) photography, video and image editing courses and workshops.

Who is ExposureWorks for?

ExposureWorks is an exclusive service. It’s for people who appreciate learning from the best in an environment where only they matter. Think high-end, local bric-a-brac shop versus a high street, faceless chain store.

Where is ExposureWorks?

ExposureWorks is based in South East London but if you’re not a local, I will gladly travel to your part of the world or we can meet somewhere in the middle. If you prefer, Exposureworks classes can be held in the comfort of your home or close to your office. Let me do the travelling for you.

How can I book an ExposureWorks workshop?

Simply get in touch on the Contact page. I’ll work around your schedule to find you the best time for a class.

Who is ExposureWorks?

Hi, my name is György. You can call me Gyuri.

I am a cinematographer.

I trained in 35mm and 16mm filmmaking at Famu in Prague (if you know European film schools here’s where you go Wow!), specialising in drama and documentaries. Although I am still nostalgic about film, I have moved on and have been shooting on high-end digital cameras for years. After all, it’s all about lenses and lights!

I am a photographer.

Photography is what I can’t live without. I don’t need a crew or a budget, just my camera and my eye. These days it’s either my Canon 5D Mark III or my childhood Nikon F3. I’m simple: I’m intrested in people and in light. I do lots of street photography, portraits and from time to time, landscapes.

I am a teacher.

I am incredibly lucky. I have been taught by great teachers in three countries (my native Hungary, the US and the Czech Republic) who have taught me not only about their subjects but also about teaching. Teaching is my way of saying thank you to them. I love to be able to explain my craft but I love even more when I can ignite the passion for image-making. Whether the images are still or moving, photography is the most accessible art form or our time and more importantly an amazing way to experience life.

Over the past three years I have taught over 500 courses and close to 2500 people at dslrphotographycourses.com. Yes, I am vastly experienced and will be able to help you with your photography and filmmaking.

Would you like to book me? Get in touch! 

Drop me a line here or on my official cinematography website.